Why do so Many Contractors and Homeowners Choose Natural Stone?

Natural stone has been used in construction of cathedrals, monuments and in more recent times, in residences. Why does this building material get chosen so consistently for all types of building projects? Stoneworks Wholesaling offers 5 top reasons that both contractors and homeowners choose natural stone so often.

Do I Need to Seal Natural Stone Floor Tiles and other FAQs about Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful, durable and is desirable for many home or business applications. Many like to use natural stone floor tiles made of travertine or marble for kitchens, bathrooms and sunrooms. Others enjoy natural stone pavers for pool surrounds and walkways. Thinking about incorporating natural stone into your landscape? Our team at Stoneworks answers…[Read More]

Why Choose Natural Stone over Manufactured?

As providers of top quality natural stone travertine, marble and limestone, we are often asked which is better, natural stone or manufactured stone? Our answer, based on experience and preference, is that natural products out-perform manufactured stone in every way. At one time, manufactured stone was used for veneers because it was more lightweight, however,…[Read More]

Want an “Old World” Look with New Travertine and Stone near Wayne PA? Artificially Age It!

Travertine Pavers Near Wayne PA

Most new stonework, such as marble and travertine, is bright and shiny when first installed… but sometimes, a homeowner wants a different look. Some people just enjoy a more weathered feel, or others may be trying to match newly-installed stone to older fixtures already in place. Either way, you have several ways to artificially age stone…[Read More]

Add Elegance, Durability and a Classic Touch to your Delaware County Floor Tile with White Marble

Natural Stone is Workable

Savvy homeowners know that changing a single element in your home can have a big impact. Whether you are targeting a kitchen, bathroom or another countertop project, white marble is an exquisite material that will last for generations to come. White marble also adds a timeless, luxurious look to any home, making it a trending…[Read More]

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