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2019 Trends In Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops in kitchen with travertine floors

Trends in natural stone countertops may change, but homeowners and business owners continue to love incorporating natural stone into their surroundings. If you are a builder or contractor you need to keep up with the trends so you can advise your clients about their options.

Marble and granite have been all the rage for quite a long time but the modern world has brought an array of products from all over the world that are both beautiful and affordable. Knowing about these products will be of great benefit to your business.

Below we will discuss some of this year’s best ideas for natural stone counters in home and commercial settings.

Marble is Still Marvelous

For many years now, marble has been one of the most popular natural stones choices for a variety of uses. Trends in natural stone countertops, marble seems to ride the top of the wave every single year. Marble has a luxurious, timeless look that people will always want in their homes in some capacity. With a variety of color and pattern options to choose from, in addition to a suitable finish for every need, your clients will love marble countertops.

Granite Is Solid As Usual

Granite is another goto for many applications, especially countertops, as this stone has proven a reliable natural stone for many years. Depending on what style and color you are looking for, granite can be very affordable, but the more unique styles will cost a bit more.

Limestone is On the Rise

In higher-end kitchens, marble, travertine, and granite are favored more often, but many are now turning to limestone. Limestone lends a thick heavy look to a kitchen countertop, and can be further enhanced by having the edges hammered or chiselled for a custom look.

Color And Style Trends In Natural Stone Counters

While the material choices for natural stone countertops remain steady, every year and every season bring changed in what is popular in terms of aesthetics. Right now, builders are trending toward more neutral colors, such as beige, grey, or off-white. Some residents are still opting for a pop of color, but marble, travertine and limestone counters definitely lend themselves to the neutral trend. Their natural veins and patterns still allow the countertops to be unique.

Choose Stoneworks Wholesaling for Top Quality Natural Stone Products

While trends in any area come and go, in the end, go with what you feel is right for the project. For natural stone countertops and other structural features, you should be aware of what is trending as a starting point and then add your own spin. As well as what will look good in the kitchen, you should advise a client about what is functional, affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Trends in natural stone countertops can function as a reference point for inspiration. Contact Stoneworks Wholesaling today to learn about our natural stone products and custom fabrication.

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