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Outdoor home pool with Antico Travertine surround and patio--Stoneworks Wholesaling.
Antico Travertine

The 6 Best Factors for Choosing Natural Stone

An informed landscape or pool contractor is the best partner a homeowner can have during the pool landscaping process. From educating and planning to installing and upkeep, you can make or break the process for your client.

Start them off with a quick session on the 6 factors to know when selecting natural stone: Color, Texture, Size, Pattern, Installation and Care.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to natural stone color. Hues range from creams to greys and blues to desert tones and rich browns. Stones have secondary and tertiary colors in them and can be mixed and matched with each other creating interesting combinations that contrast or blend with the outdoor landscaping and house.

Homeowners can look at landscape projects online or view Stoneworks’ paver and project photos to zero in on colors. Once they settle on a general color and stone, we can arrange to show them samples.

Walnut Mix Travertine pool surround - Stoneworks Wholesaling
Walnut Mix Travertine


From uneven to smoother textures, natural stone finishes vary. Rougher finishes can be tumbled, brushed, and bush hammered. Our newest uneven finishes include micro bush hammer, EtruscanTM and Suregrip MoleskinTM. A popular choice is honed, a matte surface and the smoothest surface finish. One of natural stone’s gifts is that it is not slippery when wet, even when honed.   

Our natural stone coping comes in two edge profiles: bullnose and square edge.


Pavers are available in many sizes to accommodate customers’ visions and allow easier installation. At Stoneworks, we specialize in large-format pavers up to 48” x 48”, unmatched by any source in the area.

Stoneworks’ slabs are thick! Our large stock of 1-1/4” and 2” thick large format slabs are perfect for fabricating into radius coping, treads, wall caps and countertops. Stoneworks performs custom fabrications on its site and consults with you and homeowners to get the cuts and shapes your project needs. We provide fabrication services for special curves such as pool side seating, as well as for balustrades, benches, and fire pits.  

Silver Travertine


Natural stone pavers give your customers flexibility, beauty and originality that can’t be duplicated with man-made materials. Pavers can be laid so the pattern flows tile to tile, or they can be configured into traditional and custom patterns. Although any size can be mixed and matched to create a unique pattern, most travertine pavers use classic herringbone, running bond (brick), basket weave, French or Mediterranean patterns.

Installation and Care

Expertise and experience are the keys to selecting a landscape and pool contractor. Installing a pool, an outdoor kitchen and dining spaces, patios, and walkways requires planning just like any other construction project. A knowledgeable landscape contractor—one who works well with customers—can lead the process, ensuring every step is carefully planned. Stoneworks partners with contractors to ensure you get the services and products you need.

Most natural stone can be installed simply as dry-set. We like to say, natural stone should be natural. There’s no need to seal travertine, limestone or marble pavers for a dry-set installation.

An exception is the pool coping which requires wet-set to the beam of the pool.  And since people often sit on the edge of the pool, it’s best to seal the coping from oils on their skin and suntan lotions. To advise customers on cleaning and sealing their pavers, see Dry-Treat Cleaner and Sealer Products.

When your customers are ready to make their landscaping and pool decisions, be sure they consider all factors to ensure a success. A simple way is to have them remember this sentence: Charlie tricked Sami’s pit bull in class—Color, Texture, Size, Pattern, Installation and Care.

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