3 Reasons Contractors Choose Natural Stone Veneers

A stone veneer is an excellent way to enhance the design of any building. Whether contractors are working on new constructions or renovations, natural stone veneers are used a great deal. Stone wall veneers are easy to transport and install, making a contractor’s job more manageable. Contractors also find that the easy-to-install nature of wall…[Read More]

The Top 2021 Natural Stone Trends to Consider

The year is coming to a close, and builders and contractors are looking to 2021 natural stone trends to advise their clients for upcoming projects. Natural stone continues to be a popular material choice for homeowners for both indoor and outdoor applications. Kitchen countertops made of natural stone continue to rise in popularity, thanks to…[Read More]

Natural Stone in Outdoor Spaces

Incorporating natural stone in outdoor spaces has been a popular design choice for nearly all of human history. Variety and versatility make natural stone an excellent building material for outdoor spaces and projects, big or small. The impressive strength and ease-of-repair make your outdoor projects more durable. Whatever your project may be, you benefit from…[Read More]

Natural Stone Finish Options

When choosing natural stone for a project, whether for yourself or a client, you can choose from a variety of natural stone finish options. These finishes all have unique looks and textures due to their respective manufacturing processes. Each type of finish is also suited for particular rooms or areas within and around a house….[Read More]

Top 4 Ways Contractors Use Wholesale Travertine Pavers

Wholesale travertine pavers make for excellent building materials. Contractors often use travertine pavers for many different projects due to all of the advantages that come with natural stone, including durability, ease of repair, and many more. Below are the top 4 ways that contractors use wholesale travertine pavers in their building projects.

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