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Benefits of Having a Wholesaler Do Natural Stone Fabrication

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Natural stone fabrication is the process that turns natural stone such as travertine, limestone, and marble into beautiful, finished products for use. For those looking to install natural stone in the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space, having a wholesaler do natural stone fabrication comes with many benefits.

Fabrication usually involves cutting, polishing, and routing. Routing means to create edge profiles, such as for countertops. Before a fabricator can complete a countertop, mantel, or another custom item, he inspects the product to ensure the stone is smooth and blemish-free. Once the fabricator has fully smoothed the stone and removed blemishes, he seals and cleans the product. After that, the fabricated product is ready to be delivered and installed in the customer’s home.

Why Would You Want a Wholesaler to do Your Natural Stone Fabrication

Other companies may offer fabrication services, but Stoneworks offers 3 reasons why you should have your wholesaler do the fabrication for your project.

The Fabricator Knows the Stone

While many homeowners can have detailed, specific ideas of what natural stone they want for their home, the fabricator is the one who knows the stone best. More than just picking out the stone and cutting for the specified dimensions, natural stone fabrication requires many additional steps to ensure the final product is of high-quality. Strength testing, inspecting for flaws and polishing are just a few steps in the process.

Wholesalers work with natural stone in bulk, and as a result, are intimately familiar with the natural stones, their strength, their condition, and more. And because these fabricators are experienced and knowledgeable about natural stone, the final product ends up being a beautiful, durable, high-quality natural stone product.

Lack of Extra Middleman Markup

Having natural stone fabrication done by a retail shop can often come with additional markup costs. That extra markup is absent when working with the wholesaler who provides the stone. Having a wholesaler fabricate natural stone products for you means you save money by cutting out the middleman while still getting a high-quality product.

More Natural Stone Options

One of the effects of buying wholesale is that the wholesaler has a wide range of numerous types of natural stone, all in different colors and for various purposes. A multitude of options is excellent for people unsure of what stone to use for their next project and can give customers more control over their final choice of stone.

Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers In-House Natural Stone Fabrication

Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc. provides beautiful stone products from quarries in Turkey and Morocco, including marble, limestone, and travertine slabs and floor tiles. Also, Stoneworks Wholesaling offers in-house fabrication services in the Malvern area. We work with you to create custom natural stone products, fabrications, and exceptional project outcomes. For more information about natural stone fabrication services, contact the team at Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc. today at 610-584-6081.

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