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Why Choose Natural Stone over Manufactured?

natural stoneAs providers of top quality natural stone travertine, marble and limestone, we are often asked which is better, natural stone or manufactured stone? Our answer, based on experience and preference, is that natural products out-perform manufactured stone in every way. At one time, manufactured stone was used for veneers because it was more lightweight, however, new technology allows us to cut thin pieces of stone to create all natural, beautiful veneers for siding and home improvement projects.

How is Natural Stone Better than Manufactured Stone?

Natural Stone has many attributes that are advantages over manufactured stone. Some of these include:


While advances in manufacturing have improved the overall durability of cultured stone products, they are still less resilient than their natural counterparts. Manufactured stones tend to be more susceptible to damage caused by freeze thaw cycles, for example, and may need frequent repair or replacement as these damages reveal the poured concrete under the stained surface.

Natural stone, on the other hand, can withstand these cycles and resist unsightly chips, scratches, and other damages. In fact, stone can even hide small imperfections, allowing the dings to blend into the stone’s natural texture.

Color and Pattern Variations

Manufactured stone is typically just concrete poured into a variety of molds and stained to look like the real thing. Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed faux stone to look more natural and quite attractive, however, the use of molds limits the color and pattern options, often requiring duplicate slabs to complete a project. Natural stone can also be chipped or cut to fit into a space, but manufactured stone can only be used in whatever shape or size you buy as chipping would reveal the concrete; this characteristic is a disadvantage because you may end up with gaps in your project if the dimensions of the project are unequal to the dimensions of the stone.

Small and large color and pattern variations in natural stone are endless, which ensures that each project is completely unique.

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Both types of stone can be used inside and out, however, manufactured stone tends to become damaged, discolored, and unsightly when left exposed to the elements or heavy traffic. When used as a siding material, manufactured stones can crumble and may require regular replacement to protect the integrity of the building.

Water Applications

Pools, spas, ponds, fountains, kitchens, and baths are popular applications for stone products, though manufactured stone tends to absorb moisture, which will slowly degrade the materials. Over time the surface will wear down, creating a slick area that can cause slipping, while the water further damages the stone.

Natural stone can withstand the constant exposure to water, sun and chemicals much better than man-made options. Natural stone travertine also provides a non-slip surface that remains cool in the summer heat.

Product Cost and Value Retention

The cost for natural stone and manufactured options have become so close that the difference is now nominal and often offset by the costs of repairs and replacement of the manufactured stone. Natural stone products also tend to retain their value longer, providing a better long term investment for homeowners wishing to sell their homes sometime down the line.

Overall, natural stone products, such as the high quality Turkish travertine, marble and limestone offered by Stoneworks Wholesaling, will continue to look better and last longer than artificial options.

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Stoneworks Wholesaling imports natural stone from quarries in Turkey, allowing us to provide top quality travertine and marble tiles, pavers, slabs and more to our customers in Ardmore, Newtown, Wayne and other nearby communities. To learn more, or to request a consultation, please contact the team at Stoneworks Wholesaling today!

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