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Create Natural Beauty with Stone Patio Pavers

Natural stone makes a striking addition to any landscape. With so many ways to utilize them, stone patio pavers are a great way to incorporate natural stone. Stone pavers can be used for patios, pathways, and even surrounds for pools and hot tubs. Stone copings are also available that give projects an elegant finish. Natural stone is an excellent material for an outdoor project.

Antique Gold Travertine French Pattern Patio Pavers

Antique Gold Travertine French Pattern Patio Pavers

Other, less expensive options do exist:

Concrete and asphalt are the most commonly used paving materials. They are versatile in the sense that you can pour, shape or spread them just about anywhere and the processes are fairly quick. Of all the choices available, they are also the most economical, at least on the front end. Concrete and asphalt are hard set and will eventually crack from the freezing-thawing cycle of the seasons. When repairs are made, color differences and scarring can result. Ultimately, if the owner wants to make it look new again, the entire area, whether it is a driveway, patio or pool surround, will have to be replaced.

Brick patio pavers are another option. They are typically used in one of two ways when creating a space. First, they can be laid in mortar over a new or existing concrete slab. Essentially, two areas are being created so this is the most expensive and time-consuming way to build a paved brick area. This method also involves setting the pavers in mortar and using grout, which can result in cracks forming. With the second technique, the pavers are dry set in sand, just like stone pavers, which removes the susceptibility to cracking.

Stone patio pavers add natural beauty in varying colors and textures. They can be expensive, but the expense is all up front because there is seldom a need for repair. The stone is incredibly durable and the pavers can be dry set, so there is no cracking. Stone pavers can be set against each other for an elegant look, and if one does need to be replaced, it is easy to pull out individual pavers. Stoneworks Wholesaling offers marble, limestone and travertine patio pavers in tumbled, honed, and brushed finishes.

Travertine has several characteristics that make it particularly appealing for use in outdoor projects. Travertine is formed from calcium carbonate deposits and does not have the naturally occurring metals that make some other types of stone thermally conductive. Therefore, even in hot weather, the travertine paver tiles stay cool. The travertine is 2 to 3 times as strong as concrete and can last for decades. When the patio pavers are dry set, they do not necessarily even need to be sealed due to a unique capillary characteristic that allows the release of moisture. Limestone, marble and travertine are non-slippery in wet and dry conditions which, in addition to the other considerations discussed, make stone patio pavers ideal choices for any outdoor projects.

Stoneworks Wholesaling imports only first rate stone from quarries in Turkey. For information about our paver tiles and other fine stone products, or to inquire about our projects, please contact us at (610) 584-6081.

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