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Dry-Treat Certification Now Offered From Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc.

Worcester, PA – In 1991 Dry Treat initially began as a specialist company that developed concrete sealers for the civil engineering industry. Since then, Dry-Treat scientists have been working on developing their unique sealer for over 2 decades. Today Dry-Treat is an innovative product that is significantly and technologically different from silicone, Teflon, and siloxane impregnators. This is why certification for Dry-Treat is now being offered by Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc., a mosaic, concrete, stone, and tile store. Delaware County and surrounding area residents who are looking for a reliable company to apply Dry-Treat sealer should know that Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. has all of their applicators Dry-Treat approved.

Dry-Treat sealers are engineered specifically to ensure that they permanently bond inside pores by penetrating deep into the porous material. This results in a product that protects against staining, salt-efflorescence, and other damages. Moreover, Dry-Treat is backed by a 20 year warranty when the sealer is applied by an accredited Dry-Treat applicator.

In addition, the Stain-Proof Original provides unmatched protection by lasting much longer than any other competitor and is designed for both safe and effective indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, maintenance is easy and no special cleaners are required because non-acidic standard chemicals will not damage the sealer.

Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. offers customer unique products and services as a stone, mosaic, concrete, and tile store. Delaware County residents who would like to learn more about Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. can visit their website at https://www.stoneworkswholesaling.com/ .

About Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc.
Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. is a unique stone-working company that imports natural stone and offers architectural accent and custom fabrication services for large residential products. Currently, Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. carries a large variety of stone stock including pavers, coping, step treads, wall and pier caps, ledgestone, travertine veneer, tile, mosaics, slabs, and countertops.

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