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As a direct reseller of the Dry-Treat cleaner and sealer products for all types of natural stone, we recommend these products for all our interior and exterior installations. Dry-Treat produces top-grade impregnating sealers, and also the Hanafinn™ brand of specialty cleaners and sealers. For detailed specifications and new product announcements, visit the Dry-Treat website. Below are some of the uses for Hanafinn™ products.

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Dry-Treat Innovation

Dry-Treat began in 1991 as a premium developer of specialist concrete sealers for the civil engineering industry, to protect large concrete structures such as bridges, high rises and factory floors in harsh conditions, including seawater and alkaline soil. For over 2 decades, Dry-Treat’s team of engineers and chemical scientists have continued to develop unique sealers to provide premium protection for a wide range of porous materials, including natural stone, tiles, brick, and paving.

The Dry-Treat Difference

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Dry-Treat’s impregnating sealers are technologically different from commonly available silicone, Teflon and siloxane impregnators. Our specially engineered molecules penetrate deeper into porous materials and chemically bond permanently inside the pores, without blocking them. This bonding creates a deep barrier of protection within the tiles, paving stones, or other natural stone applications. Dry-Treat products protect against staining and other serious damage, such as salt efflorescence. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers stand up to cleaning chemicals, traffic, sunlight, and even commercial cleaning techniques such as high-pressure hosing. We back our technology with written performance warranties of up to 15 years when the sealers are applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

Dry-Treat Case Studies for Limestone & Travertine

Various case studies have shown that Dry-Treat products are the obvious choice when for to treating limestone and travertine stonework in terms of sealing, water repellency, retaining non-slip surfaces, as well as protecting stonework from stains and being unaffected by deep cleaning.

Kings College, located in London, decided to do a study on the effects of Dry-Treat’s patented STAIN-PROOF™ solution on their old limestone after they did some rejuvenation to both improve the appearance of the stone and improve the traction of the surface when wet. The college needed a sealer that would ensure the paving retained the non-slip traction, as the safety of both staff and students was an important factor. They also needed a product that:

  • Had excellent oil and water repellence
  • Would prevent liquids from entering the roughened surface
  • Would prevent staining and making cleaning easier
  • Would be fully breathable to allow moisture to evaporate from underneath
  • Would hold up under a commercial cleaning regime
  • Had a long lifespan and a quick application so as to avoid impacting activities at the college for too long

As Dry-Treat’s STAIN-PROOF Original™ solution works from inside the pores of a stone, the slip-resistant qualities of the outside surface are maintained when wet. Commercial cleaning processes such as power hosing can be carried out without the sealer being compromised. Kings College chose STAIN-PROOF™ as the 15-year performance warranty meant that they could avoid having to reseal every few years.

Travertine is another type of natural stone that needs to be treated with the proper solutions to maintain beauty and durability. Another case study in the Netherlands put Dry-Treat’s STAIN-PROOF Original™ to the test on a beautiful home which had a great deal of travertine surface: the entire rear home façade, a paved patio area and a swimming pool surround. They required a seal that would maintain the look of the travertine but would protect the porous stone from absorbing liquids, as well as any type of stains. STAIN-PROOF Original™ was the right choice for the home façade, and Dry-Treat Meta Crème™ was used for sealing the pool surround.


STAIN-PROOF Original™ is the world’s leading, permanent impregnating sealer developed by Dry-Treat. This product:

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● Utilizes unique impregnating sealer technology. The specially engineered molecules are 40 times smaller than typical sealer, so they penetrate much deeper, and bond permanently inside the sealed material.
● Lasts many times longer than other sealers and provides unparalleled protection.
● Provides a permanent sealer designed for indoor or outdoor use.
● Protects against water and oil-based staining.
● Stands up to commercial cleaning techniques such as high-pressure hosing.
● Is engineered for sealing natural stone, paving, tiles, grout, and concrete.
● Repels graffiti.
● Protects from salt attack and freeze thaw damage.

STAIN-PROOF Original™ has proven its worth in homes and iconic buildings, malls and monuments all over the world. The sealer is ideal as an indoor wall, counter-top, facade or floor sealer and suitable for homes and large-scale commercial applications. Other reasons that STAIN-PROOF Original™ is a top choice of contractors are:

● Sealed areas keep their original appearance, become easier to clean.
● No special cleaners are required. Standard non-acidic cleaning chemicals will cause no harm to the sealer.
● Slip resistance of the surface is maintained.
● A written performance warranty of up to 30 years is available when STAIN-PROOF Original™ is applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

STAIN-PROOF Original™ is now one of a whole line of top-quality cleaning and sealing products developed by Dry-Treat. We periodically host training and certification courses for contractors who want to be certified applicators and a surface maintenance guide is available that explains the best way to use the products to maintain your natural stone features. To learn more about why we only recommend Dry-Treat products for use on our natural stone travertine, limestone and marble products, visit our site or contact us today.

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