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Elevate your Delaware County Outdoor Space with Pavers, Stone Veneer Fire Pits, Grills and Fireplaces

stone veneers & pavers Delaware CountyEvery detail you add to an outdoor space can make it more appealing. If you have already designed and installed a stone patio in your Delaware County yard with travertine, limestone or marble pavers, think about creating a complementary cooking or fire area to make your design even better.

Stone Veneer Options

Stoneworks Wholesaling has several options to fit almost every style. Stone veneer comes in 6″ widths and 18″-24″ lengths, and an array of color tones are available. Find bolder styles with hints of red or gold, or go with something more neutral. Stoneworks Wholesaling carries:

  • Scabos Split Face Travertine Veneer
  • Arizona Multi Color Ledgestone Veneer
  • Forest Brown Ledgestone Veneer

The stone veneer selections work well with a variety of pavers, and bring out different hues and tones depending on what look you are trying to achieve in your outdoor space.

Stone Veneer Installation Tools

Stone Veneer and paver InstallationOne major benefit of stone veneer is the ability to add an appealing, complex look to a wall, column or surface without excess effort. You will still need to have the right tools and follow some straightforward instructions to create this exciting architectural aesthetic. Make sure you have:

  • Trowels; Brick, flat and notched
  • Joint tool
  • Grout bag
  • Brick hammer
  • Masonry sponge
  • Masonry brush
  • Masonry saw with a diamond blade

Installing Stone Veneer

You can find many types of tutorials to assist you on your Delaware County stone veneer project. Try books, videos and web pages. Projects will vary depending on the surface you are adding stone veneer to. Look up specifically how to add stone veneer to a grill area, fire pit, fireplace or whatever project you want to complete. However, there are some basic principles you can keep in mind as you get started.

  • Keep things clean and protected. Protection and cleanliness help prevent materials from compromising the stone finish. The veneer surface should be kept free of mortar. Keep your hands clean and remove any mortar from stone veneer facing immediately to avoid any dulling of your stone. You should also cover the ground around your work area.
  • Calculate the amount of stone needed. Measure the total surface area you will be covering with stone veneer (this is typically done in square feet). Take into account the joint size, if needed. Stoneworks offers veneer stone that has straight regular edges; this veneer can be applied using only thinset and needs no grouting. If you need help with calculations, ask a representative at Stoneworks Wholesaling to assist. They will ask the right questions for a solid estimate.
  • Prepare the surface. Look up specific instructions for the surface you are working with. Some surfaces, like plywood or flush metal siding require the application of a metal lath. If a lath is used, you will also need to apply a scratch coat.
  • Add a scratch coat if needed. Mix according to package directions and apply with a trowel, covering the lath with a 1/2″-3/4″ layer, filling in all holes. When the coat is still slightly wet, use a notched trowel to make grooves in the surface. Let the coat dry for 24 hours.

Laying out the pieces ahead of time is a good way to ensure that you will get a proper fit and will allow you to make necessary cuts before applying the stone.

  • Mix mortar or thinset according to directions. Apply to the stones and put them in place. If you have joints, fill them with grout using a grout bag, and tool (use a tool to remove extra grout) if necessary.

Stone veneer can transform any outdoor space into something more eye-catching and unique. Your fireplace, fire pit or grill area will benefit greatly from this added design element.

Stoneworks Wholesaling offers quality natural stone veneers that will enhance your existing pavers. For more information about any of our natural stone products for your home projects, contact us today.

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