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Floor Tiles and Stone Fabrication is Available at Stoneworks Wholesaling for Malvern, PA

Floor Tile in Malvern | Natural Stone

When you select stone products from a wholesaler, the stone may be precut floor tiles or pavers, or it may be in the form of a slab that can be transformed into a unique piece for your project. Stoneworks Wholesaling provides fine natural stone slabs or floor tile in Malvern and many surrounding areas, and will perform the desired fabrication as well.

What is Fabrication?

The dictionary says fabrication is “the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.” In terms of stone, fabrication is the process by which your slab is transformed into a finished piece. Fabrication usually involves cutting, polishing and routing. Routing is creating edge profiles. Before your countertop, mantel, or other custom item is completed, a final inspection that ensures everything is smooth and blemish free. The final inspection also involves the steps of sealing and cleaning. After that, your stone is ready for installation.

Stone Polishing Process

Polishing is one of the most important steps in fabrication. Using a series of small sanding pads, your fabricator will sand the face and edges of the slab so they match. The polishing step involves water for cooling, and varying grits to smooth the stone and work out any issues. The results are the beautiful slabs you see in homes.

Which Stones Can Be Fabricated?

Just about every natural stone, including limestone, marble, granite, and travertine, as well as some man-made materials can be fabricated.

Project Templates

Another essential step in the fabrication process is the creation of templates. Your contractor will visit the job site to make precise templates that will be used to create your finished stone product. The template helps determine where each piece will be cut, and allows the fabrication process to occur offsite.

The Advantage of Today’s Technology

Floor Tiles

Radius Coping Templates

Today’s tools allow fabricators to work quickly, accurately and efficiently. The result is a high-quality finished stone product for homeowners.

Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc. Offers In-House Fabrication

Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc. provides fine stone products from quarries in Turkey, including marble, limestone and travertine slabs and floor tiles. In addition, Stoneworks Wholesaling offers in-house fabrication services in Malvern. Stoneworks Wholesaling will work with you to create custom looks and exceptional project outcomes. Some of the fabrication they do includes:

  1. Copings and spa copings
  2. Treads
  3. Wall caps
  4. Pier caps
  5. Countertops

Stoneworks’ slabs are 2″ thick so they can be cut to form pieces for outdoor living spaces and pools, with or without bull nose finished edges. For more information about natural stone, fabrication services and floor tiles in Malvern, contact the team at Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc. today at 610-584-6081.

What’s New at Stoneworks?

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