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Silver Travertine

Color. It’s the ruling factor in selecting stone.

An experienced landscape or pool contractor is a homeowners’ best ally during pool design and installation. Strong contractors guide hardscape design while keeping the project on point–from planning to opening day!

Most customers, when they think about the stone, focus on color. But a savvy contractor knows there are other factors to consider and also will educate homeowners about Texture, Size, Pattern, Installation and Care. For now, let’s talk color.

Walnut Travertine Mix

Sourced from Turkey and Morocco, Stoneworks’ travertine, limestone and marble come in a range of colors. With all of these captivating choices, your customers will be able to find one that’s perfect for their outdoor living spaces. The sky’s the limit when it comes to natural stone color.

Hues range from creams to greys and blues to desert tones and richer browns. Natural stone has secondary and tertiary colors and can be mixed and matched with each other creating interesting blends that contrast or complement the landscaping and house. For reference, you can guide homeowners to landscape projects online. Additionally, they can view Stoneworks’ paver samples and project photos to zoom in on color and specific stone. Once they settle on color and stone preferences, we can provide you with samples.

As your customers get ready to make their stone decisions, be sure they consider all factors to ensure success. A simple way is to have them remember this sentence: Charlie tricked Sami’s pit bull in class—Color, Texture, Size, Pattern, Installation and Care.

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