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How to Choose the Best Natural Stone Pool Deck

Natural stone pool deck, silver travertine- Stoneworks Wholesaling

If you are deciding which natural materials to use when building a client’s pool surround, consider a stone pool deck. With so many different types of stone available, knowing what factors to consider is helpful. The team at Stoneworks Wholesaling works with contractors and builders to help you understand what to consider when picking natural stone for a pool surround.

6 Factors for Choosing a Stone Pool Deck

To better know what type of natural stone is best for your stone pool deck and coping project, consider the following 6 factors:

  • Color: Color is one of the most obvious factors, and natural stone has plenty of colors to choose from. Natural stone colors range from light brown to dark grey to even blue and white. Hues range from light to dark, and some stone pavers can even have secondary or tertiary color striations. The colors can match or contrast with an outdoor space.
  • Texture: Natural stones can be polished so that they have different finishes and textures, from uneven to smooth. An important note is that even with a smooth finish, natural stone is resistant to slipperiness, whether the stone is wet or dry, which is a great advantage to homeowners.
  • Size: Stone pavers and tiles are available in many shapes and sizes, which makes installation easier and gives your clients more options to choose from. Our slabs are also quite thick: perfect for custom fabrication of radius coping, treads, wall caps and more.
  • Pattern: You can choose from traditional patterns such as a French or Mediterranean pattern or you can mix and match different pavers and create a pattern unique to your client’s ideal stone pool deck.
  • Installation: Proper installation of natural stone requires planning and expertise, of course, and having skilled contractors with specific knowledge and expertise with natural stone is a great advantage to homeowners. Homeowners may be excited to learn that many natural stones can be dry-set, requiring no sealing.
  • Care: While natural stone is low-maintenance compared to some other materials, some care is required. Be sure that homeowners are instructed in how to properly clean and care for the different types of natural stone so that they can make an informed choice for their stone pool deck.

Natural Stone Choices for Outdoor Projects

Stoneworks carries and recommends three types of natural stone.


Natural stone pool deck and wall caramel mix light travertine

One of the oldest building materials used in architecture, travertine remains a popular choice for stone decking. Other than its air of luxury, the biggest strengths of travertine lie in its functional purposes, and quite literally, its strength. Travertine is highly durable and resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle in colder climates. Its porous texture makes travertine slip-resistant, and the lack of naturally occurring metals compared to other materials keeps the stone, and your feet, cool in the heat. Plenty of colors from earthy browns and creams to gold and silver are available.


Another material used since ancient times, limestone is a popular choice for pool decks, especially coping. Limestone shares many benefits of travertine: heat-resistance, durability, and natural beauty. Whether you prefer natural-looking pool patios or contemporary, sophisticated pool designs, we have plenty of limestone colors and finishes to suit your needs. Our SeaHaze™ line is popular and offers 3 exclusive finishes.


pool surround and patio blue marble

Few materials are more closely associated with luxury and elegance than marble. Although typically used in the interior of homes, marble makes a great outdoor material for a pool deck, too. One unique quality of marble is translucence, which means you can see past its outer surface. This characteristic makes marble a popular choice for sculptures, and that same translucence will make your deck glow in the sun, creating a unique sight during summer days. Marble comes in more colors than just white. Some of our marble color offerings can include blue-grey and wild patterns of striations.

For Natural Stone Pool Decks, Contractors Turn to Stoneworks Wholesaling

Natural stone makes an excellent swimming pool deck material. The factors we discussed are just the beginning, as natural stone offers many benefits, such as being slip-free, cool to the touch, and resistant to harsh weather conditions. If you are interested in using natural stone to create a stone pool deck for your client, contact us today.

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