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Silver Travertine

Natural Stone Pavers are Beautiful… and Absorbent

Although we think of stone as hard and impervious, the material is porous. The degree of natural stone’s porosity depends on the type of stone and how it was formed. Left unsealed, the stone surface can be penetrated by spills and everyday messes. The liquid will eventually evaporate but stains may be left behind.

Installation and Care of Travertine, Limestone and Marble Pavers

With a “Dry Set” installation, the install process is the same as for concrete pavers. We recommend using a pad when tamping the pavers.

With a “Wet Set” application, use thinset on a concrete slab. When finished, clean and seal the stone with an impregnating sealer. Stoneworks recommends and distributes DRYTREAT products, a world-leading line of impregnating sealers and enhancers, designed to protect and clean natural stone.

Used in both commercial and residential applications, the deeper DRYTREAT barrier protects against everyday spills as well as damage caused by more serious natural water penetration. Efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing can be minimized with DRYTREAT treatment.

Learn more approaches about protecting natural stone and the proper cleaning of stone.

Be Their Hardscape Consultant for Life

Your customers may not be thinking about cleaning and care at the start of a project but you’ll score points for telling them how they can extend the life and beauty of their outdoor installation. When planning exterior spaces and advising your customers on natural stone, be their source on all the factors that should influence their stone purchase. A tip: Have them remember this sentence: Charlie tricked Sami’s pit bull in class—Color, Texture, Size, Pattern, Installation and Care.

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