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Why do so Many Contractors and Homeowners Choose Natural Stone?

Travertine - Contractors and Homeowners choose natural stone - Roman Colosseum 800Natural stone has been used in construction of cathedrals, monuments and in more recent times, in residences. Why does this building material get chosen so consistently for all types of building projects? Stoneworks Wholesaling offers 5 top reasons that both contractors and homeowners choose natural stone so often.

5 Reasons Natural Stone is so Appealing



Natural stone has many forms, because the material is usually formed under various types of conditions in the earth. Stone is often infused with metals, which sometimes adds to heat conductivity and always lends an array of beautiful and unique colors. In addition to the colors, no two pieces of stone have exactly the same pattern, so 10 homes with the same type of stone would still have unique looks.


Natural stone, having been formed under pressure, is very resistant to pressure and has been known to last for hundreds or even thousands of years. In a home, this durability means that homeowners will have no need to replace floors and other surfaces like they might with wood or an artificial material.

Ages Well

As mentioned, natural stone is very durable, however the material has another advantage with regard to aging. As stone is exposed to air, rain wind, and other elements, it’s patina, or surface coloring changes. Rather than finding this attribute unsightly, most people think that aged stone is even more attractive; the patination lends character and antique charm wherever the stone is used.

Luxurious Feel

Natural stone in all its forms has a rich presence. Whether you have a rougher surface for a pool surround, or a smooth and sleek marble surface, the impression you are left with is luxury. Natural stone resists scratches too, so whatever application you have, your project will retain its beauty.

Ecologically Valuable

Natural stone is quarried and when removed, only needs to be cut to the desired form and polished. No chemical additives are needed. Stone also naturally contains no harmful contaminants that hurt inhabitants or the environment.

Call Stoneworks for Quality Natural Stone from Turkey

Stoneworks obtains all of its fine marble, limestone and travertine natural stone from quarries in Turkey. We are able to produce slabs, tiles and even specialty products, since we do our own fabrication. Builders and other contractors and homeowners come to us because we care about providing the highest quality natural stone products. For information about our natural stone products, or about becoming a natural stone distributor, contact us today.

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