Marble Tile Adds Elegance

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Marble Tile Adds Elegance

Marble has a long history of use in homes of wealthy individuals and in fine pieces of architecture. The rich, unique look makes it easy to understand why so many people choose to have marble in their homes. Marble tiles are cut from natural stone that has been quarried. Marble stone can be found in a variety of colors; those colors and the equally varied veins of color running through the tiles are a large part of the appeal of marble. Each tile is one of a kind so every project that utilizes marble is also one of a kind, whether it is a polished glamorous foyer or a stunning outdoor patio.

Since marble is a natural stone, there are some factors to consider when deciding if and how marble tile should be used in a particular project.

As previously mentioned, marble tiles are beautiful and create an elegant, luxurious atmosphere in any space. Several factors influence the look of the marble.

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Honed Blue Marble Tiled Patio

Uniqueness- Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by limestone after exposure to heat and pressure in the earth’s crust. Usually there are other minerals as well, which may include clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides and graphite. These additions determine the myriad colors of the veins. Iron is one mineral that you want to be careful about if your project will be exposed to moisture. The iron can oxidize (rust), which causes discoloration of the stone. One way to avoid this occurrence is to purchase a sample of the marble tile you are considering, then place it in a container of water for a few days to see if any oxidation occurs. Patterning these one of a kind marble tiles on a floor or patio creates a magnificent effect.

Polish-Marble is very hard and able to withstand more polishing than some other natural stone. This versatility allows marble to be used in very natural outdoor projects, in more refined spaces and in ultra-sleek floors or décor items. The degree of polish you choose may be dictated by a desired look or by other concerns, such as slickness. In a bathroom or kitchen setting, you might choose a less polished look or add safeguards such as non-slip area rugs.

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Translucence-Marble tiles may seem to glow under certain lights. The effect is striking, especially if the space is open with lots of sunlight. This translucence is one reason that pure calcite marble is often used in statues.

Marble conducts heat quickly so during warm months, the tiles will stay cool. Outdoor patios will be much more comfortable in summer when they are constructed of marble. This characteristic also makes marble well-suited for projects that will employ sub surface radiant heating.

Durability and Care
Marble is incredibly durable so it can last a long time with care. All natural stone is porous so it needs to be treated properly. Polishing marble makes it more resistant to liquid damage, though it is still vulnerable to acidic liquids. For this reason, only mild soap or plain water should be used to clean it and any sauce or juice spills should be wiped up quickly to avoid stains. The floor should be sealed for best protection when using marble tiles or any natural stone.

Marble tile adds depth, whether it is polished elegance in a grand ballroom or powder room, or earthy richness in a less refined finish for a patio. The variety of colors and patterns in natural marble tiles make them desirable for innumerable home décor projects.

Stoneworks Wholesaling stocks only the finest quality natural marble, limestone and travertine from quarries in Turkey. For more information on using natural stone products in your projects, contact Stoneworks Wholesaling at (610) 584-6081.

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