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Natural Stone Travertine, Limestone, and Marble are Timeless Building Material Choices

Natural field stone fireplace with bluestone accents and antique blue marble patioTravertine, marble and limestone are natural stone choices that have been used architecturally around the world for thousands of years. Their popularity lies partly in their durability. Another reason people from long ago through today continue to choose these natural stone products is because they add a richness and uniqueness that no other building material imparts. From ancient Egypt, Paris and Rome to modern America, travertine, marble and limestone have been essential to creating exquisite and comfortable indoor and outdoor living environments.

The color range of travertine, marble and limestone make them ideal foundations for your design ideas. No two slabs of natural stone are exactly the same. Various factors, such as pressure and the types of minerals present in the stone, create the environment for an endless variety of patterns and shades.

Small travertine natural stone patioNatural stone, such as travertine, was formed and compacted millions of years ago. They are non-reactive to salt and chlorine, which is one reason they are often chosen for outdoor projects. Travertine, limestone and marble are perfect for rugged commercial and residential applications including building facades, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks (including salt water pools!), and patios. A factor that increases their appeal for these outdoor uses is the fact that they remain cool even in warm weather, so you can walk comfortably around your pool or patio with bare feet.

Natural stone fabricated shower threshold and seat by Stoneworks WholesalingNatural stone is versatile enough, with different polishes and sizes, to also be perfect for indoor applications, like kitchen floors, walls and countertops.

Because of their strength and ageless beauty, travertine, marble and limestone have become the top selling stones in the industry for both interior and exterior environments. Tiles and pavers, slabs, columns (including 8′ single shaft), fireplaces and balustrades can all be custom created using this age old, natural material. To complement these pieces, matching coping, treads, wall caps, and veneers are available. Custom fabrication is also available, so if you have a particular piece in mind, or you need to fit a specially sized area, Stoneworks Wholesaling can provide what you are looking for.

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Whether you are building a brand new home, wall or patio, or remodeling an existing home or building, Stoneworks Wholesaling provides top quality travertine, marble and limestone, quarried in Turkey, that will enhance your project for a lifetime. Contact us today to learn about our products and fabrication services.

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