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Do I Need to Seal Natural Stone Floor Tiles and other FAQs about Natural Stone

Natural Stone Floor Tiles and PaversNatural stone is beautiful, durable and is desirable for many home or business applications. Many like to use natural stone floor tiles made of travertine or marble for kitchens, bathrooms and sunrooms. Others enjoy natural stone pavers for pool surrounds and walkways. Thinking about incorporating natural stone into your landscape? Our team at Stoneworks answers some of the questions we are frequently asked.

4 Common Questions about Natural Stone

Do I Need to Seal Natural Stone Floor Tiles?

For best results, yes, you should seal natural stone floor tiles. Natural stone, such as travertine and marble, has a porous surface that creates vulnerability to stains or mold if liquid becomes trapped. When the floor has been installed, a sealant should be applied that seeps down into the pores. This sealant prevents moisture from penetrating the tile. Stoneworks Wholesaling recommends the Dry Treat line of sealers for best results and the sealant should be reapplied at least once a year.

How Can I Clean Natural Stone?

Travertine natural stone floor tiles can be scratched by dirt and other materials, so be sure to keep the floor swept or vacuumed. Non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaners may be used to clean the tiles, with the best option being plain warm water, applied with a mop that has been wrung out. Wringing is important because excess water can degrade the sealant if allowed to seep into the pores or grout. Some gentle but stronger cleaning options are available. If you use stronger solutions for a necessarily thorough cleaning, you may want to consider re-sealing.

What is Natural Stone?

Natural Stone is a naturally occurring material removed from the earth. The different types can occur due to the soil composition, compression and heating over thousands of years. Examples of natural stone include travertine, granite, marble, flagstone, onyx, limestone, slate, sandstone, quartzite, and others. Different types of natural stone have unique colors, textures and other characteristics.

Are Natural Stone Pavers Good Choices for Outdoor Applications?

Natural Stone is a very good choice for outdoor applications, and natural stone pavers provide an easy, durable material for walkways, patios and pool surrounds. Travertine natural stone pavers lack the metallic content needed to conduct heat so tend to remain cooler, even in warm weather. Travertine also resists the freeze-thaw cycle of concrete and is twice as strong. So in addition to the luxurious impression travertine offers, the stone is quite practical.

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Stoneworks Wholesaling imports high quality natural stone from Turkey, allowing us to provide top quality travertine and marble natural stone floor tiles, pavers, slabs and more to homeowners and business owners in Main Line communities like Wayne and Blue Bell. To learn more, contact one of our specialists at Stoneworks Wholesaling today!

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