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New Coconut Noce Travertine Floor Tile Soon to be Available from Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc.

Worcester, PA – Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. is a natural stone company that focuses primarily on the direct import of stock from Turkey, architectural accents, and custom fabrications. Due to the nature of their company, Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. is always looking for new materials and colors to add to their catalogue of products. This is why, Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. is proud to announce the newest travertine floor tile color: coconut noce.

According to the Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. website, “Travertine is formed from calcium carbonate deposits and lacks naturally occurring metals which… allows travertine to act as an insulator, trapping the coolness radiating from the ground and [repelling] heat radiating from the sun.” (https://www.stoneworkswholesaling.com/our-natural-stone-products/why-travertine/). In addition to being compatible in every climate, travertine also has other advantages: it is twice the strength of concrete, it is non-slip in wet and dry conditions, it requires no maintenance, and it is American Society Testing Materials (ASTM) approved.

The new coconut noce color is a unique brown color that is reminiscent of the outer shell of a coconut. Other travertine floor tile colors that customers can choose from include, antique gold, Leonardo, silver, and noce, to name a few. Travertine floor tile is perfect for patios, pool decks, treads, countertops, wall caps, and mosaics.

About Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc.
Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. is a unique stone-working company that imports natural stone and offers architectural accent and custom fabrication services for large residential products. Currently, Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc. carries a large variety of stone stock including pavers, coping, step treads, wall and pier caps, ledgestone, travertine veneer, tile, mosaics, slabs, and countertops. The newest addition to Stoneworks Wholesaling Inc.’s catalogue of natural stone colors is the coconut noce travertine floor tile.

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