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Benefits of Natural Stone and Tile

natural stone travertine patio overlooking poolTravertine, marble and limestone have been used architecturally around the world for thousands of years because of their durability as a building material. From ancient Egypt, Paris and Rome to modern America, travertine, marble and limestone have been essential to creating exquisite and comfortable indoor and outdoor living environments.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, some of the benefits of using natural stone in your commercial or residential building projects are:


Quarried marble Natural stone is formed underground, undergoing immense pressurization over time. Each slab of natural stone has different types and amounts of mineral deposits, which allow for myriad color variations as well as pattern variations within the stone. No two projects made with natural stone are identical.

In addition to the variations found in the stone, uniqueness can also be accomplished by using different sizes of stone tiles to create a chosen pattern, embellishment by inlaying different colored stone tiles or other materials with the other stone tiles. These options and more provide nearly unlimited possibilities when creating an area that fits your individual style and taste.


Travertine Roman ColosseumBecause of its natural characteristics and the pressure undergone during formation, natural stone is very durable. The countless examples of old architecture made with natural stone travertine, marble, and limestone that have endured centuries and are still standing, are testaments to the strength of natural stone. Stone floors in today’s structures can last your whole lifetime if properly cared for.

In addition to its strength, natural stone is known for its resistance to fading and wear. Some people even prefer the look of aged stone that can be achieved over time if stone is untreated.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning natural stone is simple. Indoors or outdoors, you can simply use water or a mild cleansing solution to gently clean stone surfaces. You may also use a pH-balanced, neutral cleaner, like Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector to help remove soils that normal dusting or damp mopping leave behind. This product removes potentially wearing dirt or sand without removing the protective sealer.

Natural stone has varying degrees of porosity, which means that the stone can absorb liquids. This porosity can lead to staining if the liquid is allowed to be absorbed into the stone. Sealing once a year, or every two years, is recommended for protection of your beautiful stone. Our recommended products, from Dry-Treat , are easy to use, and will lengthen the life of your stone.

If stone pavers or tiles are used in a project and one does become damaged, replacement is uncomplicated. The broken paver can simply be removed and another installed, and the area will look brand new. Walkways or driveways made with poured products, like cement, must be completely re-poured in order to look pristine again.

Seahaze Sand running bond, Sea border - Stoneworks WholesalingVersatility

Natural stone is popular for indoor and outdoor projects, adding an air of luxury no matter what type of application. For outdoor patios, pool surrounds and more, tumbled travertine or marble are perfect choices. The same stone, honed or polished, is beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms.

Where to Use Natural Stone

pool surround and patio blue marble

The color range of travertine, marble and limestone make them ideal backdrops for your design ideas -a canvas on which you can create your dreams. Because of their strength and ageless beauty, travertine, marble, and limestone have become the top selling stones in the industry for both interior and exterior environments, adding value and beauty to any part of a home or landscape. Columns (including 8′ single shaft), fireplaces and balustrades can all be custom created using this age-old, natural material.


Travertine stone_tiled_bathroomKitchens and bathrooms tend to be focal points in a home, and homeowners often want a specific feeling to be cultivated by the décor. Honed travertine tiles are common choices for adding luxury to a kitchen or bathroom floor, while polished marble tiles often grace the floors of parlors or other living areas.

Shiny, polished marble tiles are popular for countertops, showers and wall tiles. Today, a wide variety of inlaid stone mosaics enhance accent walls. Stone veneers -thinner, lighter and often pre-connected stone materials – are used to create focal points in a room, or to face the surface of living room mantles. These veneers can be applied with thinset and have no need for grouting!



Formed and compacted over 50 – 100 million years ago, they are non-reactive to salt and chlorine and are the perfect products for the most abusive commercial and residential applications, including building facades, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks (including salt water pools!), patios and walkways.

For outdoor patios, pool surrounds and more, brushed travertine, limestone or marble provide durable, non-slippery, surfaces. Travertine, lacking metal deposits, provides naturally cooler surfaces, which families appreciate in hot weather. Our veneers can be used to quickly cover exterior building walls, retaining walls, fireplaces and pool or spa surfaces.

For building facades, gleaming natural stone can be maintained, or allowed to patinate, which cultivates a weathered, comfortable feel. Other possible uses for stone in your home or business landscape are fountains, raised planting areas, and steps.

Where to Find Natural Stone in Philadelphia

natural stone travertine store displayStoneworks Wholesaling is your local supplier of natural stone products. Main Line Philadelphia residents and other nearby community residents and contractors can visit us to see first-hand the quality of our products. We offer fine travertine, limestone, and marble quarried from Turkey, as well as specialized limestone products from the SEAHAZE™ line.

Whatever your project, Stoneworks has the natural stone material to meet your needs. We carry pavers and tiles in various sizes and with bull-nosed or squared edges. We also offer the necessary finishing components, such as complementary coping, slabs, treads, wall caps and stone veneer. Stoneworks Wholesaling performs in-house fabrication, allowing for fully customized stone pieces for any type of project.

Whether you are building or remodeling, Stoneworks Wholesaling’s natural stone travertine, marble and limestone, will enhance your project for a lifetime. Contact our team today and talk to one of our stone specialists to learn more about our top quality products.

What’s New at Stoneworks?

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