Why Travertine, Marble or Limestone for your Stone of Choice??

Five Extraordinary Reasons to Select Travertine
The Perfect Choice for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

  1. Stays COOL underfoot even in direct sunlight *
    Travertine is formed from calcium carbonate deposits and lacks naturally occurring metals which make some stone products such as slate and granite and, also, concrete, thermally conductive. This lack of metals allows travertine to act as an insulator, trapping the coolness radiating from the ground and repel heat radiating from the sun.
  2. Freeze-Thaw compatible in ALL climates *
    Travertine’s unique vertical capillary action allows moisture to escape, even in the most extreme freeze-thaw cycling, without stressing the material.
  3. Twice the strength of concrete *
    Because it has been compressed in its natural state for millions of years, travertine is extra durable and has a compressive strength of 2 to 3 times the strength of concrete and will not degrade for many generations to come.
  4. Non-slip in both wet and dry conditions *
    The co-efficient of friction ASTM testing in both wet and dry conditions make travertine, marble and limestone the perfect solution for your pool decks, patios, walkways, bathrooms, showers and kitchens.
  5. No Maintenance *
    When travertine pavers are dry-set, there is NO NEED TO SEAL the pavers because of the capillary action mentioned above. Also, the pavers are cut on tile lines at the quarry/factory which allows the pavers to be installed with no or little sand. Regarding tile installation, the same applies, the tiles can be “butt” installed (1/16″ grout line) for an eloquent look which requires very little maintenance.

* ASTM (American Society Testing Materials)

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