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Patio Pavers in Delaware County Choose Travertine -The Perfect Material to Surround Your Pool

Patio Pavers Delaware countyA great backyard pool is a fun and pleasurable escape from the heat of summer, as well as a work of art. For thousands of years, people have delighted in filling their properties with objects of beauty, and it is just as true today.

There are a lot of options for the stonework around your pool area, but one that is sometimes overlooked is travertine. Travertine, a magnificent stone, has been a favorite of builders since the time of the Romans, yet is relatively unknown in the west because most sources of travertine are in the Mediterranean. However, Stoneworks Wholesaling -one of the top providers of natural stone patio pavers in Delaware County- has a direct source on this beautiful building material, and can provide you with the materials for a truly unique pool deck.

What makes travertine such a great material for pools?

Travertine Was Made for Pool Projects

Travertine looks and feels a lot like marble, but it’s actually a form of limestone, and was created by ancient hot springs depositing minerals over millions of years. The rock forms under pressure, which gives it both the textured look so treasured in stonework, as well as superior physical properties.

Travertine is:

1. Insulated

Because there are no naturally occurring metals in travertine, the stone is a great natural insulator. Even on the hottest days, travertine remains comfortable to walk on: an important trait for an area where you will often walk around barefoot.

Patio Pavers in Delaware County2. Strikingly-colored

Few stones have as much natural variety in their patterns and coloration. From a creamy marble-like blend, to darker “cappuccino” colors, to pinkish peach hues, there is a travertine to match the look of any existing backyard setup. Travertine can even be mixed-and-matched to create amazing geometric medallions or mandalas which are sure to impress.

3. Temperature-resistant

Unlike many building materials, travertine is able to stand up to even the most extreme fluctuations of hot and cold over the course of the year, without cracking. In fact, if it has been treated with a sealant, travertine is effectively maintenance-free and should last for decades.

4. Non-slip

Travertine is naturally a little rough and porous. Travertine feels smooth, but still has plenty of grip when walking on it; this trait is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity in patio pavers for pools.

If you are looking to install a pool, travertine is a great choice for your patio pavers. Contact Stoneworks Wholesaling in Delaware County today to learn more about finish options and tile sizes available.

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