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Paving Stones in Delaware County – 6 Reasons to Love Natural Stone

Paving Stones in Delaware CountyNatural stone is a versatile, durable and attractive material and has been used in building for centuries. Natural stone today has been given even more functionality as paving stones, slabs or wall veneers. Thinking about incorporating paving stones or other stone features in Delaware County? If you need reasons other than its beauty to love natural stone, here are 6 great features:

Natural Stone is Durable

Natural stone is strong, durable and it resists fading and wear. Stone pavers are harder than many other paving options which is one of the reasons they are such a popular choice for flooring. While other materials may degrade or fade over time, natural stone has the ability to look better with age. A chemical process called patination can create a thin layer on the stone surface that many prize for its appearance. Some even use special processes to speed up or create the look of a patina for themselves.

Natural StoneEvery Piece of Natural Stone is Unique

Unlike the replication of manufactured products, natural stone pieces are all unique. Different types of stone have varying characteristics, and mineral deposits form vibrant streaks of color that vary from one stone to the next. This variability can be emphasized in a pattern or positioned so that the streaks “flow” from one stone or paver to the next. Natural stones and pavers are available in many color variations that other materials are unable to duplicate.

Natural Stone is Workable

Natural Stone is WorkableWith the right tools, natural stone can be worked, shaped, chiseled, and trimmed without losing coloration or impact. Decorative grooves can be implemented and new fabrication processes allow different stone or other types of materials to be inset. Edges can be rounded or squared according to desire and the stone can be tumbled, honed or polished to suit the intended use and feel.

Natural Stone is Easily Maintained

Natural paving stones only need to be cleaned with water or a mild solution. For outdoor applications, like walls or a paving stone patios, a power washer can be used without damaging the stone. Unlike most manufactured products, you can also grind or polish when necessary to get rid of scratches. In addition, the only way to make a cracked concrete walkway look new again is to replace the whole walkway. When you use paving stones, they can be replaced individually if any damage occurs.

Natural Stone is Timeless

Natural stone has a long legacy of use. From the time of the Romans to present-day, natural stone has been used in creating columns and castles, paving roads and courtyards, and covering counters and walls. Natural stone has been used in structures that have lasted hundreds of years, like the Roman Colosseum, made from travertine.

Natural Stone is VersatileNatural Stone is Timeless

You can use natural stone either indoors or outdoors. Natural paving stones of marble or travertine are perfect for luxurious Delaware County indoor kitchens or bathrooms as well as outdoor paved areas like pool, patios, walkways and driveways. No matter how you are planning to enhance your space, natural stone adds style and beauty.

Natural Stone Available at Stoneworks Wholesaling in Delaware County

Natural stone is ecological, affordable and beautiful. Stoneworks Wholesaling is a great source for slabs and paving stones in Delaware County. Stoneworks carries limestone, marble and travertine imported from Turkey. In addition to paving stones and slabs, Stoneworks Wholesaling has wall caps, mosaics, treads and more. For more information about any of our natural stone products, contact us today.

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