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Picking the Right Paving Stones for Your Delaware County Spring Project

As spring approaches, that means one thing for thousands of homeowners in the Delaware County area: home improvement! Few things can add more value and beauty to your home than great outdoor paving projects that turn your property into a work of art for all to see.

From patios to pools to garden paths, you could choose to undertake any of a huge variety of projects, and choose from an equally vast variety of paving stones.

Stoneworks Wholesaling suggests a few of the more popular projects.

Patio with Travertine Paving StonesPairing the Right Paving Stones with the Right Job

Backyard Patios

Almost any stone can be used for patios, but some are definitely better than others. Concrete, though often utilized, is a less optimal choice than stone since it is rough to the touch and holds heat. Concrete also tends to crack over time with the freezing and thawing cycle of the seasons. However, many of the most beautiful stones such as slate, limestone, and travertine can be perfect for patios, adding beauty and functionality to a back yard.


The key here is looking for stones which can survive large amounts of weight without cracking. Granite is an excellent choice, as well as baked clay bricks, since they can come in a variety of colors. Stone pavers can be more expensive to install, but they are attractive and maintenance is minimal. If a stone gets damaged, it can be replaced individually without replacing the whole drive. Porous materials like stone can also help the environment by allowing the water to be absorbed into the ground, filtering the water and reducing the amount that goes into storm sewers.


Two big considerations for garden paths and other walkways are grip and color. Walkways should remain safe for people to walk on, even barefoot, and should be made of stones in a wide variety of colors to match the rest of your outdoor decor. More porous stones like sandstone or travertine are a good choice here, as well as limestone, which tends to have a rougher texture.

Pool paving stonesPool Paving

Pool paving stones, of course, need to be water-resistant, and they also need to be heat-resistant for the sake of barefoot swimmers. Marble is a good choice, and we especially recommend travertine for its ability to remain cool even under a hot sun. Both choices come in plenty of colors to match your pool.


Edging can be more unique, since it has no need to be terribly functional. Plain brick can work well, as can unshaped rocks and other natural shapes. Distinctive edging can really tie a landscaped yard together, so be creative!

Decorative Elements and Coping

Stone steps, walkways and pools can be individualized with stone coping or wall caps, or accented with decorative stone fountain bowls or masks. Stoneworks Wholesaling produces coping in bull nose or squared cuts and a variety of fountain styles are available.

If you are in the Delaware County area and looking for natural paving stones for your outdoor project, contact Stoneworks Wholesaling. We stock only the finest stone, imported from quarries in Turkey.

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