Latte Light Travertine Projects

Unlike most other travertine producers, we have elected to produce this travertine to the traditional Italian (Roman style) “vein-cut” which is similar to a wood grain look. This travertine can be designed in either a very rustic setting or a very modern, contemporary setting, depending on the size of the stone.  A larger format stone ie: 24×24 or 24×36 will give a very contemporary look to the indoor or outdoor environment, especially if we either lightly tumble the stone or just hone it and keep the edges squared. Utilizing the french pattern sizes and tumbled stone would lend itself to a more rustic, natural look. We produce the Latte in either a light (no grey veining) or a dark (grey veining) – the base stone is a light walnut.

Latte Light Travertine  (vein cut) 12
Latte Light Travertine 12
Latte Light French Pattern Travertine Pavers
Latte Light Travertine (vein cut) 24x24 pavers, 12x48 coping
Latte Light Travertine 12
Latte Light Travertine 12

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