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Stoneworks Discusses Natural Stone Trends 2018

Natural Stone trends - marble walls and floors and sink surround with modern bathtub Natural stone has always been a popular material for building, decorating and more. Its beauty, elegance and durability has made natural stone an enduring choice by contractors and homeowners. One of the great things about natural stone is its versatility. Homeowners seeking modern décor can find it with natural stone mosaics and clean linear lines. Those seeking a more classic or traditional look can achieve their goals with polished marble, travertine, quartz or slate, accented with other materials. Stoneworks discusses a few of the current trends in natural stone.

Traditional Natural Stone Trends

The traditional look is IN. Homeowners have accomplished this look of late with light colors, specifically white marble with dramatic veining. White marble, always in style, has been showing up more and more in bathrooms, as people are trending toward bright, clean surroundings. White marble, often paired with classic 3×6 subway tiles or with bright white chair rails and light paint colors, are what we see when we turn on almost any home renovation show today.

Another classic choice is a basketweave design on floors, which can be created using a variety of stone and glass combinations. The basketweave pattern, and other designs, are being seen in high contrast black and white, as well as some more neutral browns and creams.

Modern Natural Stone Trends

To learn about Natural stone trends like this marble contemporary bathroom contact Stoneworks Wholesaling.Modern stone trends are all about blends: blends of colors, blends of patterns, and blends of materials. Designers are talking about clean linear patterns, such as those which can be found as veneers that contain natural stone tiles and glass. Contrasting designs are also popular now, with tile patterns laid in opposition to each other to create interest.

Complex 3D patterned stone tiles are also popular, or natural stone marble tiles accented with a different color or opacity. These classic materials with a modern flair are often used on smaller areas, such as a backsplash or accent wall, rather than on a large surface like a floor.

Timeless Natural Stone

Trends in natural stone will change over time, but the allure of natural stone, whether you prefer marble, travertine, quartz or a blend of stone types, remains strong. Today we are more concerned with having natural, chemical free and sustainable materials in our homes and surroundings, and for this reason among others, beautiful, durable stone is more appealing than ever.

Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers the Finest Natural Stone

Contractors and designers as well as homeowners know that homeowners will be drawn to the unique textures, colors and patterns available with natural stone. At Stoneworks, regardless of natural stone trends, we supply the highest quality stone as the foundation for any project. We offer fabrication services as well, so that contractors can get custom countertops, slabs, wall panels and accessories to meet all décor needs that arise. If you are looking for a quality supplier of natural stone products, contact us today!

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