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Stoneworks Discusses What is New in Natural Stone

SEAHAZE SEA 24x24 w BH trim - Levy1B2 - New in Natural Stone at Stoneworks WholesalingAt Stoneworks, we know that our customers are always looking for new and interesting designs and materials. To meet that desire, we recently announced the new addition of the SeaHaze ™ Collection to our natural stone product line. These limestone products are an excellent alternative to bluestone, and can be less expensive, which is a plus for contractors who want to use unique, high quality materials while staying within a budget.

What is New in Natural Stone at Stoneworks?

We are staying ahead of the design curve! In addition to the SeaHaze™ line, we are also unveiling NEW and different materials – new limestone, new travertine, and new marble paver products never before seen in the United States.

New Natural Stone Finishes

Our new materials feature new finishes, such as SUREGRIP MOLESKIN and bush hammered.

A moleskin finish is obtained through the use of a range of brushes, which are brushed across the slab. The result is a slightly rolling surface that is soft, and very smooth, even to the touch.

A bush hammered finish is created by striking a material with a masonry tool, or bush hammer. The process can be achieved either manually or with a machine, and generates uniformly scattered dimples of different sizes on the natural stone surface. Both of these new finishes are considered non-slip and are perfect for external use.

New Sizes and Formats

Our new products are available in extra-large format pavers, from 12×24 to 48×48. They also come as coping, treads, and mini slabs to meet the demanding specifications of architects and builders.

New Product Types

We are offering new products such as exterior wall cladding and driveway systems. Wall cladding is the application of a product, in this case stone, to a wall for decorative purposes. The cladding is typically non-load bearing, which means the stone can be thin and lightweight.

Driveways made of natural stone pavers have a rich feel, and they are durable. If damage does occur, you can easily replace just the damaged area, whereas with a concrete or asphalt drive, you would have to just deal with a damaged surface, or re-pour the whole drive.

Trendy Choices in Natural Stone

The industry has been seeing trends in lighter colors, which the SeaHaze™ line lends itself to perfectly. Also, designers are incorporating large, sleek slabs as pavers and retaining walls. This look is a more modern take on the traditional smaller pavers used in exterior projects.

Contact Stoneworks Wholesaling For Fine Natural Stone Products

Stoneworks is known for our top quality natural stone products, from slabs to pavers and more. We have all of the stone elements you need to handle your exterior or interior home projects in style. We would love to discuss the newest trends in natural stone décor or to answer your questions about which material would be right for your taste and budget. Contact us today for more information!

What’s New at Stoneworks?

NEW SEAHAZE SEA and SAND Limestone Pavers - Now offering 3 new exclusive finishes!

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