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Stoneworks Wholesaling Announces New Limestone Products : New Natural Stone Pavers and Floor Tiles for a More Sleek and Modern Look for 2019!

SEAHAZE SAND™ With SEAHAZE SEA™ border - Stoneworks Wholesaling natural stone product

Worcester, PA – Aug 17, 2018Stoneworks Wholesaling, Main Line provider of top quality natural stone pavers, floor tiles and more, announces the arrival of new limestone products in August 2018. The new line of natural stone products includes large format pavers that will allow a more modern, sleek look for your outdoor projects.

The new products, SEAHAZE SEA™, SEAHAZE SAND™ AND SEAHAZE MIX™ limestones will add depth to Stoneworks’ already extensive stock of natural stone products.

SEAHAZE MIX™ Driveway System1 - Stoneworks Wholesaling

SEAHAZE SAND™ is a beige product, SEAHAZE SEA™ has a gray-blue tint, and SEAHAZE MIX™ is a mix of both colors. The mix is achieved by cutting from slabs that have both colors. Each of these varieties are > 10,000 PSI, so they will be durable and still budget-friendly.


Features of the SEAHAZE™ Natural Stone Product Line

SEAHAZE SEA™ honed (blue selection) - Stoneworks Wholesaling

Stoneworks Wholesaling’s experts are always happy to meet with contractors or homeowners to discuss the advantages to using natural stone products. They note that some contractors may be reluctant to switch from such inexpensive materials as poured concrete, for consistency and cost control, but contend that the many great attributes of the SEAHAZE™ products make them very appealing for exterior and some interior project uses.

SEAHAZE SAND™ for Stairs- Stoneworks Wholesaling

Some advantages to using the SEAHAZE™ line are:

  • Quality alternative to Bluestone – less expensive to buy and to install!
  • Cuts beautifully, with no chipping or flaking.
  • The stone is calibrated, and rectified
  • Stays cooler, which is perfect for outdoor applications.
  • Availability of large format pavers in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.
  • Many products available to meet all the demands of your project: natural stone pavers, tiles, slabs, treads, block treads, coping, cobblestones, driveway systems and cladding.

According to Stoneworks Wholesaling’s owner, Randie Wynn, the SEAHAZE SEA™ will rival Bluestone and will be a terrific upgrade for any project. He commented, “This line gives contractors some durable and attractive new options. If someone already likes Bluestone, they’re gonna love this!”

About Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc.

Stoneworks imports fine natural stone travertine, marble and limestone from quarries in Turkey. The professionals at Stoneworks Wholesaling take pride in their quality products. The staff has extensive knowledge about the stone sources, the stones’ characteristics and about fabrication for specific projects. The company works hard to help customers choose the perfect natural stone products for their needs. For information about the new products or existing natural stone pavers, tiles and more, contact the company directly.


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