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Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Travertine and Other Natural Stone Products

Natural Stone Travertine ArdmoreWorcester, PA – July 22, 2017Stoneworks Wholesaling, which proudly supplies the highest quality travertine and other natural stone products, offers answers to some of their most commonly asked questions.

Travertine is a low maintenance stone that is cool to the touch, compatible in all climates, slip resistant and twice as strong as concrete.

natural stone veneerWhat is natural stone veneer?

Created using specialized mining and procedures, stone veneer is a thin, but durable slab of natural stone that is used on vertical surfaces because of its relatively low weight and ability to withstand freeze-thaw climate cycles.

Which stone is best for use in the bathroom?

Travertine stone has a unique structure that allows it to easily dissipate moisture without becoming slippery. When treated with the Dry Treat system, stone tiles retain their natural appearance and are protected against water damage. Marble is also very popular in bathrooms, but homeowners may wish to choose less finely honed finishes for walking surfaces.

Do natural stones stain?

The porous surface of many stones is susceptible to staining, however proper maintenance and sealants can help protect your new stone from stains and water damage.

How do you clean natural stones?

When treated with Dry Treat, any gentle, non-acidic cleaner will effortlessly clean the stone. With natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, stone is also a healthier choice than some other materials.

Do natural stones need to be sealed?

The need to seal stone has a lot to do with its intended location and usage. When treated with Dry Treat products, however, additional sealing is not necessary. In fact, most products come with a 15-year performance warranty.
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Stoneworks imports fine natural stone travertine, marble and limestone from quarries in Turkey. The professionals at Stoneworks Wholesaling take pride in their quality products and with their extensive knowledge, work hard to help customers choose the perfect natural stone products for their needs.

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