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Top 4 Ways Contractors Use Wholesale Travertine Pavers

Wholesale travertine pavers make for excellent building materials. Contractors often use travertine pavers for many different projects due to all of the advantages that come with natural stone, including durability, ease of repair, and many more. Below are the top 4 ways that contractors use wholesale travertine pavers in their building projects.

Want an “Old World” Look with New Travertine and Stone near Wayne PA? Artificially Age It!

Travertine Pavers Near Wayne PA

Most new stonework, such as marble and travertine, is bright and shiny when first installed… but sometimes, a homeowner wants a different look. Some people just enjoy a more weathered feel, or others may be trying to match newly-installed stone to older fixtures already in place. Either way, you have several ways to artificially age stone…[Read More]

Stoneworks Wholesaling, supplier of travertine pavers and other stone products will Attend the 2016 Pool | Spa | Patio International Expo in New Orleans

Pool | Spa | Patio International Expo in New Orleans

October 15, 2016 – Worcester, PA – Pennsylvania’s top option in travertine paving, Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc., is proud to announce their participation in this year’s Pool | Spa | Patio International Expo.   The PSP Expo is the world’s largest B2B industry trade show dedicated to outdoor lifestyle products, attracting hundreds of participants each year. The majority of…[Read More]

What’s New at Stoneworks?

NEW SEAHAZE SEA and SAND Limestone Pavers - Now offering 3 new exclusive finishes!

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