The New Mediterranean Pattern

Why choose concrete when you can have natural stone for the same price or less?

Worcester, PA – August 2, 2011 – Increased competition in the paver market has been welcomed, according to sales director for Stoneworks Wholesale.

12 year veteran, in the travertine natural stone paver market, Linda Chiarelli, has been selling travertine, limestone and marble pavers and tile and has seen the highs and lows of the trade.

“Suppliers come and go” says Linda, “but in this business, the ones that survive are the ones that have a quality product, are expert about their product, are always bringing new products to market and have a value proposition that gives the trade the ability to make money and satisfy their customer’s desire for an exquisite outdoor living space.”

That is why we have introduced a new pattern in our product line, The Mediterranean Pattern. A 5-piece pattern, similar but larger, to our most popular 4-piece French pattern. We are able to bring this product to market with a price that is slightly higher than the French pattern but deliver much more pizzazz. We continue to be leading edge in our market because that is what our clients expect of us.

Even though, according to the financial experts, our economy is not bouncing back the way it was supposed to, many people are still spending money on their homes. They are still renovating and when they do, now they can have a natural stone product line that exceeds the expectations and value of concrete or cement pavers. The extraordinary characteristics of travertine make it an ideal product for patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways in ALL climates.

People know that if they need travertine, Stoneworks is the place to come. With our large selection of 11 colors, patterns, large and wide formats, coping, treads and slabs in 2” thicknesses, it doesn’t matter that new suppliers come in to the market. Our customers are never disappointed so they always come back.


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