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Top 4 Ways Contractors Use Wholesale Travertine Pavers

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Wholesale travertine pavers make for excellent building materials. Contractors often use travertine pavers for many different projects due to all of the advantages that come with natural stone, including durability, ease of repair, and many more. Below are the top 4 ways that contractors use wholesale travertine pavers in their building projects.

1. Pool Decks

Pool decks and surrounds are one of the outdoor projects where the benefits of wholesale travertine pavers are most apparent. The most obvious reason is that travertine aesthetically complements pools very well, thanks to the natural beauty of travertine and its many different colors, patterns, finishes, and tiling options further enhance the look of a travertine pool deck.

Travertine pavers are heat-resistant, helping the deck and coping stay cool in the hot summer. Natural stone is also slip-resistant, which is especially important due to all of the water. The beauty and practicality of travertine make wholesale pavers a natural choice for any contractor working on a pool.

2. Walkways

Walnut mix travertine French pattern walkway | wholesale travertine pavers | Stoneworks Wholesaling

Wholesale travertine pavers also make great choices for walkways. The pavers can blend harmoniously with both the house and the surrounding landscape. Travertine can also handle extreme weather such as rain, snow, or heat, ensuring that walkways will maintain sound conditions throughout the entire year. The porousness and texture of the pavers also allow better traction, enhancing safety during rainy or wet conditions.

3. Kitchens and Bathrooms

For contractors working on kitchens or bathrooms, travertine pavers make an excellent choice, thanks in part to the many different ways and areas that the pavers can be used. Flooring is an especially popular option, as the look and texture of travertine give the kitchen or bathroom a unique, beautiful look without sacrificing safety. Travertine floor surfaces can last decades before replacement is needed, which is especially useful in high-traffic areas.

Backsplashes are another popular choice for travertine pavers. Travertine wall veneers, indoor or outdoor, are also good options to add character to a room.

4. Patios

Warm Travertine makes a perfect natural stone pool surround | wholesale travertine pavers | Stoneworks Wholesaling

Travertine pavers have become an increasingly popular option for patios, for good reasons. Natural stones add luxury to a home, both in terms of value and aesthetics. Travertine comes in a range of beautiful, luxurious colors such as gold, ivory and silver. Natural stone has been compressed for thousands, maybe millions, of years, so the pavers are more durable than concrete while also needing less maintenance.

Because of travertine’s natural strength, durability, and beauty, anyone can see why so many contractors use pavers for outdoor and indoor projects. Once a contractor chooses travertine, a plethora of finishes and patterns are available to choose from. For contractors looking for excellent building materials for their next project, look for wholesale travertine pavers.

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