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Stoneworks Wholesaling is Now Supplying High-Quality Travertine to the Town of New Hope

Stoneworks Wholesaling is a provider of top quality travertine paving products in Pennsylvania, making them an easy choice for New Hope businesses and residents looking to make use of this stone.

Travertine: One of The World’s Classic Building Materials

travertine-pavers-new-hopeTravertine is a form of limestone which has been treasured for thousands of years for its beauty, durability, and overall usefulness in day-to-day life. Travertine is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns, while being easy enough to cut that it can be shaped to fit any need.  Travertine is particularly valued as a surface for walking, due to travertine’s resistance to heat and the fact that it is non-slippery even when wet.  

Travertine was actually a common building material for the ancient Romans.  Many Roman structures frequently thought of as being made with marble, including the magnificent Colosseum itself, were in fact made of travertine!

In other words, products made with travertine in New Hope can truthfully last for ages. 

Bringing Travertine Treasures to New Hope

Located less than 30 miles from New Hope – only about 45 minutes – Stoneworks Wholesaling is a perfect choice for top-quality travertine, as well as other building materials.

New Hope is also well-known around the area for its own history, particularly the impressive New Hope–Lambertville Toll Supported Bridge. The six-lane landmark has been in constant use for more than a century, and provides both motorists and pedestrians with magnificent views of the Delaware River as they cross. The bridge is enjoyed by the many tourists who visit New Hope every weekend, exploring the borough’s many quaint shops and restaurants.

Of course, building quality matters to the residents of New Hope – with some of the highest real estate prices in Pennsylvania, nothing but the best suffices for its approximately 2,500 residents. Therefore, travertine in New Hope is an excellent option for a wide range of construction projects!

Experience Stoneworks Wholesaling Quality

Stoneworks Wholesaling uses only genuine Turkish travertine, taken from quarries which have provided high quality travertine for many years. Stoneworks Wholesaling’s travertine in New Hope is perfect for kitchens, patios, pools, corporate lobbies, monuments, government buildings, or any other application where a stonework feature must truly impress.

Whether you need to outfit a 500 square foot or 5,000 square foot space with travertine in New Hope, Wayne or Blue Bell, Stoneworks Wholesaling has you covered. Our expert craftsmen know the material inside and out, and can work with you to find the perfect travertine for every need – or mix and match with other stone types, such as marble and limestone. Our gallery of successful travertine projects speaks for itself.

For more information about travertine, or for a quote on your next project, contact us.

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