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Builders Create Projects that Shine with Travertine in Newtown Square

Travertine Pavers Newtown Square

Contractors and residents often choose travertine for Newtown Square home building and remodeling projects because of its natural beauty, air of luxury, and ease of use. Travertine is a great material for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, wall tiling and flooring. Natural stone is durable and easy to clean, needing only gentle cleaning with water or a gentle solution. Another advantage to travertine in kitchens is the uniqueness; no two slabs will be the same as colors and veining vary widely. The patterns and colors make travertine interesting as well as beautiful. Travertine floor tiles are available in different finishes as well, adding to its diverse appeal. For a rich, but subtle look, many choose tumbled or honed finishes. For a more finished look, polished travertine floor tiles are perfect!

Stoneworks Wholesaling is located about 21 miles from Newtown Square in Newtown Township. Newtown Square is home to the impressive granite Delaware County Veterans Memorial, honoring those brave men and women who have served in our nation’s wars.  

Newtown Square’s population is 20,527. The community is an affluent one; the average size home is about 3200 square feet with a median home price of $599,000. Homes in Newtown Square are some of the most expensive in Pennsylvania, and also in the entire United States. The population of Newtown Square is a wealthy group and over 90% are employed in white collar jobs. This sophisticated community enjoys luxury and quality. Travertine stone is a perfect complement to Newtown Square’s affluent aesthetic.

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Stoneworks Wholesaling imports fine stone from quarries in Turkey.  Whatever your project, whether you are building or renovating a home or office building, incorporating stone will add a natural, rich appeal. For the best in marble, limestone and travertine near Newtown Square, Wayne, or New Hope,  contact us today.

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