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  • Trying to Incorporate Natural Stone into your Malvern Home? Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers Tips for Laying Stone Tiles in your Sunroom or Patio.

Trying to Incorporate Natural Stone into your Malvern Home? Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers Tips for Laying Stone Tiles in your Sunroom or Patio.

Creating an appealing and stylish home is a goal of many homeowners.

Create beautiful natural stone floors in Malvern with creamy walnut travertine tiles.

Sunroom with creamy walnut travertine floor tiles.

Each completed project takes you one step closer toward more comfortable living spaces. Screened patios and sunrooms can sometimes be overlooked. Giving these areas of the home a “facelift” can be made simple with the installation of stone tile, a material that is both versatile and eye-catching. Your screened patio or sunroom will become more comfortable with this somewhat simple boost. You will need to take a few steps and have the right tools on-hand; the following tips from Malvern-based Stoneworks Wholesaling will help you lay your beautiful stone floor tiles.

Stone Tile Installation Tools

Indoor/outdoor spaces are often places for friends and family to gather together. A few tools and the right tile will take the area to the next level. If you plan to do the installation yourself, you will need some basic equipment to get started, including:

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Paddle mixer
  • Wet saw with masonry or diamond blades
  • Rubber float
  • Trowel
  • Big sponge

Beyond the tools, you will also need some materials, which typically include the stone tiles, thinset, grout, and sealant.

Installing Stone Tiles

  • The first step is to make sure that the base material in your sunroom or screened patio is ready for the stone tile. Above all, the surface must be flat, clean and dry with no movement. Common surfaces that you are able to lay the tile over are concrete, existing tile (although this may affect height), subfloor, or a single layer of resilient flooring. Preparation is key, as you may have to take a few extra steps to prepare the floor to install the stone tile. Prior to starting work on your project, look into the process for the specific flooring you currently have in your space.
  • Measure your space. You should purchase enough to cover the space and about 10% extra to allow for cut tiles. Once you have the tiles, lay them out (dry lay) to ensure the fit, and to decide how and where to make your cut(s). Using a wet saw, cut the tiles, allowing space for joints. During this step, you can create a design or pattern. Pay attention to the colors and patterns on the tiles; mixing them up results in a more interesting and unique look.
  • After you have the tiles laid out, you are ready to begin. Mix the thinset according to directions, and use a trowel to spread it in small areas, starting from one side of the room. Use the smooth side of the trowel first and then the grooved side. Press the tiles onto the thinset; be sure to space tiles evenly with about 3mm of space between them—spacers can assist with this task.
  • Some varieties of natural stone tiles need to be sealed before grouting because they are porous and the grout could stain them. Allow the flooring to cure overnight before adding grout.
  • Use a rubber grouting float to spread grout into the joints, making sure that all the space is filled. Wipe away excess residue with a damp sponge as you work, before it completely dries. Remember to grout the tiles along the edges of the wall. Let your grout cure fully and apply a penetrating stone sealer.

The Benefits of Stone Floor Tiles

Once your sunroom or screened porch is tiled, you can enjoy the benefits of your project and hard work. Stone tiles are long lasting, and more durable than carpet or wood flooring. The material is moisture-tolerant and can last decades when treated correctly. In addition, stone tile floors add a stunning natural finish to your space. Clean the area easily with a broom, vacuum, or a gentle cleaning solution. Installing stone tiles in your screened patio or sunroom will transform the space into a wonderful new living area.

Stoneworks Wholesaling brings the best quality stone from Turkey to the Malvern area. For information about our beautiful natural stone tiles, contact us today at (610) 584-6081.

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