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Want an “Old World” Look with New Travertine and Stone near Wayne PA? Artificially Age It!

Travertine near Wayne PA | Travertine Pavers | Stoneworks WholesalingMost new stonework, such as marble and travertine, is bright and shiny when first installed… but sometimes, a homeowner wants a different look. Some people just enjoy a more weathered feel, or others may be trying to match newly-installed stone to older fixtures already in place.

Either way, you have several ways to artificially age stone such as travertine. None of the processes truly work overnight, since natural factors are still at work, but they can still significantly shorten the amount of time it takes for stonework to look aged. Stoneworks Wholesaling has prepared a guide to help get the age look for your home.

Easy Ways to Speed Up the Travertine Aging Process

What makes stone look aged?

  • Weathering: Over time, wind and precipitation wear down the stone’s surface, creating pits and gaps.
  • Patina: A patina is a layer of oxidation on the stone which forms over time. Different stones have different colors of patina, based on their chemical composition.
  • Moss and Lichen: As stone grows older, it develops a layer of simple plant life that is closely associated with age.

So, the trick to artificially aging stone is to try to encourage these things to happen as quickly as possible. Here is a quick guide:

Acid Spray

The first step is easy enough. Regularly spray your stone with a relatively weak acid, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Be sure the acid is safe for humans and animals. The acid should cause pits to develop in the stone relatively quickly.  

False Patina

Masonry stain is a coloring agent available at many home improvement stores, much like wood stains, and can create a “fake tan” for your stone. Just look up some aged examples of your stonework, and pick a color that matches. You can easily brush onto artificially weathered stones.

Encouraging Moss

After weathering your stone with acid, spread a thin mixture of fertilizer, topsoil, and manure on the stone then lightly rinse it off. You will create a perfect breeding ground for moss and lichens. To speed up the process a little more, add shade to the stone and be sure to water it frequently. A compost mixture will also encourage patina development.

The processes will probably take a few months, but for Wayne homeowners desiring a more aged look for their travertine stonework, a few months is better than years!

Stoneworks Wholesaling Offers Fine Travertine Stone near Wayne PA

Need more advice on travertine care or other stone products? Please contact Stoneworks Wholesaling today for more information.

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