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Why Do Architects Choose Natural Stone? Sustainability

Natural stone patio with plants and lawn | Architects Choose Natural Stone | Stoneworks Wholesaling

When designing homes and landscapes, architects consider what the ideal materials are to suit their vision and accomplish their goals. Natural stone is often one of those ideal materials for a variety of reasons. The colors, patterns, and textures of stone are unique and quite versatile. Another primary reason landscape architects pick natural stone for outdoor projects is sustainability. As concern for the environment grows, homeowners and business owners are looking for sustainable materials in the projects they choose for landscapes. Below are reasons why architects choose natural stone for sustainable materials.

Why Architects Choose Natural Stone

As the demand for sustainable landscapes has grown, the environmentally-friendly characteristics of natural stone are more visible. In response, architects choose natural stone by utilizing more stone in interior and exterior spaces.


The first reason natural stone is sustainable is due to being a natural material. Stones are a natural product of geological processes, rather than a blend of other products, like concrete. Natural stone also lacks harmful chemicals or toxins, which allows the stone to be used in interior spaces as well as outdoor landscapes. General advancements in technology, including improved methods of quarrying, extraction, and fabrication, have made the overall process of producing natural stone products more efficient and sustainable.

All of these factors make the production of natural stone greener and more energy-efficient than many other materials.

Durability and Maintenance

Natural stone pool surround with plants and trees | Architects Choose Natural Stone | Stoneworks Wholesaling

Another significant component of sustainability is durability. A material that is durable and requires less maintenance from the owner is more sustainable by decreasing the need to replace old substances with new materials frequently. Natural stone’s strength is the result of thousands of years of geological forces and activity. Travertine, for instance, is approximately two to three times as strong as concrete thanks to the immense compression over many years.

In addition to being durable, natural stone also requires less maintenance when compared to other materials. The structural integrity of the stone will last for many years, and with proper care can even last several decades. Proper cleaning and care are still required, such as sealing during installation and cleaners that are compatible with the sealer. But the long-lasting nature of stone far outweighs the cost of maintenance and care.

This durability and ease-of-maintenance are especially useful for outdoor landscapes, where wind, rain, varying temperatures, and other environmental factors affect the stone. And because one of the recent trends in landscape design is to incorporate natural elements, natural stone makes perfect sense to use in a backyard.


When a building material becomes unusable, that material typically gets thrown away. Natural stone, on the other hand, is recyclable and can be used even if a homeowner decides to replace that stone with another stone or material. Increasing the stone’s lifespan through recycling is a viable option. Using recycled stone enhances sustainability by minimizing the environmental impact of producing new materials.

Recycled and salvaged stone has plenty of other uses and functions. For example, old stone from a building can be disassembled and formed into pavers or facades. Small stones can be used for artistic projects, such as mosaic designs on floors and walls.

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