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Why Do Contractors Often Select Natural Stone Pool Surrounds?

Contractors often choose a natural stone pool surround, like this travertine from Stoneworks Wholesaling

A swimming pool surround needs to meet various goals. Visually, the surround should look aesthetically pleasing, and give your customers’ homes a sense of style that makes relaxing and playing by the pool enjoyable. The deck and coping also need to be safe and functional, to prevent slipping. Natural stone is the perfect pool deck material for all of these and adds value to a home.

The Benefits of a Natural Stone Pool Surround

Below are some reasons that many contractors and builders suggest a natural stone pool surround to their customers.


Natural stone pool surrounds like this silver travertine, around a pool and built in hot tub, are a top pick by contractors

Anyone who has walked on a concrete or brick pool deck in the middle of summer with the sun shining down knows just how hot those materials get. Obviously, no one wants to burn their feet as they get in and out of the pool, and natural stone helps avoid that. Thanks to the absence of naturally occurring metals, natural stone resists the heat and keeps bare feet cool.


Compressed for centuries, stones such as travertine and limestone make durable and strong building materials. In fact, natural stone pavers are far stronger than concrete pavers and less susceptible to cracking. They are also easier to replace if damage does occur. These pavers can withstand extreme weather conditions, the freeze-thaw cycle, and various pool chemicals. Well-cared-for, quality stone can last eons.


As fun as swimming and relaxing by the pool are, safety must always be considered. People coming in and out of the pool and walking around the deck are bringing water from the pool with them, and this can cause slipping hazards. Natural stone, even with smooth honed finishes, is slip-resistant and will keep homeowners’ families safe around the edge of the pool.


Warm Travertine makes a perfect natural stone pool surround- Stoneworks Wholesaling

Homeowners will spend a lot of time outdoors by their pools, so you want to be sure that their pool deck areas look beautiful. Natural stone comes in an endless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Travertine can provide a rustic, natural feel. Using marble results in a sophisticated pool with a sleek, contemporary look. Whatever your customers’ preferences are in regard to color, texture, or pattern, natural stone is an ideal choice.


A pool is both a recreational area and an investment for homeowners. The durability and timeless style, as well as low maintenance and ease-of-repair, all combine to increase home value. When helping your customers decide what material to use for their pool decks and copings, keep in mind that natural stone is a smart investment.

For a Quality Natural Stone Pool Surround, Contact Stoneworks Wholesaling

Natural stone remains a popular choice for pool patios, copings, and other outdoor projects. Natural stone offers a durable, safe option that makes a pool surround, and the entire home, more beautiful and valuable. If your customers want a quality pool deck, suggest a natural stone pool surround, and contact us today.

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